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OC Quiz

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 29, 2012, 5:59 AM
- Tagged by :iconazureyugiohvanguard:

1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Title the journal as "OC's Quiz"
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you want.
5. Have fun!!!


1. So, uh, what do you actually do?

Raptor: You mean work? I'm a security guard.
Yuujiro: Search I'm hopes of finding my lost memory's and to find out who I really am... And protect Hannako
Nanamaru:Spend time with Jugo-chan ^^
Jugo: Dealing with 7...
Elliot: ... It don't matter... No matter what it's pointless..
Hibiki: Dance, sing. Party.
Narii: Whatever master wants me too~
Yuuki: I am in my last year of high school.

2. What's your favourite food?

Raptor: Umm, Pork ribs? Smoked hadock? Both are good.
Yuujiro: Red grapes.. I like red grapes.
Nanamaru: OOoooo ummm... Sweet things.
Jugo: Tradisonal japenese food.
Elliot: I-I don't often eat..
Hibiki: Haha silly, I'm a robot.
Narii: Ice cream, but master won't let me eat too much.
Yuuki: Anything with apples. ^^

3. Ok confession time: Whose your crush?

Raptor: You don't know already? It's my Crow of course
Yuujiro:...  Hanna-chan...
Nanamaru: Jugo! <3
Jugo: ... I don't like anyone that way. ((LIES!!))
Elliot: There is no such thing as love. Not in my life ...
Hibiki: No one right now. Maybe in the future though.
Narii: Master.
Yuuki: Well I umm... Shiro-kun

4. Interesting. Um, favourite animal?

Raptor: Hawks
Yuujiro: Cats
Nanamaru: I like all sorts ^^
Jugo: I don't care for animals.
Elliot: When I was a kid I used to love animals... But now I can't even care for myself.
Hibiki: Butterfly's
Narii: Cats
Yuuki: I like birds

5. Why?

Raptor: Because they are flawless, majestic and amassing killers.
Yuujiro: I feel I share some traits with cats.
Nanamaru: Because they are cute, awesome, pretty and stuff
Jugo: Why should I?
Elliot: N/A
Hibiki: They have such pretty colours
Narii: Heart is a cat.
Yuuki: Ther are so many kinds and they can be of pretty, I also love to hear them sing.

6. What element do you think best represents you?

Raptor: Fire
Yuujiro: Darkness
Nanamaru: Water
Jugo: Earth
Elliot: Nothingness
Hibiki: Wind/ sound
Narii: Light
Yuuki: Light

7. Would you risk your life to save your friends?

Raptor: Yes.
Yuujiro: I only have Hannako, so yes.
Nanamaru: I would do anything for Jugo-chan.
Jugo: .... I would fight along side him. But if he was reckless and ending up dead it would be his fault.
Elliot: I don't have any friends. But my life means so little to me it would not be a big risk if I did.
Hibiki: I'm not sure what I could do but sure.
Narii: I will protect master if he needs me.
Yuuki: I doubt I would be very helpfull.. But if the need was there I would.

8. So. what do you think about your mum?

Raptor: Never knew the woman. But I sure she was a perfectly reasonable lady.
Yuujiro: I have no memory's of her.
Nanamaru: I had my creator, he was kinda like a parent. He was really kind.
Jugo: I was created I don't have a family of any sort.
Elliot: My family relations are not very good at all.
Hibiki: Robot. Don't have one
Narii: -tilts head- mum?  Master do I have a mother I thought all Avayah's where male?
Yuuki: I love my mother, she is a really kind and accepting lady.

9. And your brother?

Raptor:..... I love my brother very much.. Where ever he is.
Yuujiro: I don't know if I have any siblings. This is why I must find out who I am!
Nanamaru: Does Jugo count? Wait no it wrong to be in love with you brother ahaha.
Jugo: Refer to my last comment.
Elliot: I don't have a brother.
Hibiki: Robot!! Lmao  how often must I say it XD
Narii: I don't think I have one... I might.
Yuuki: I only have a older sister.

10. So, what are you going to do now? I mean, now that im out of questions?

Raptor: Chill on the sofa, I have a week off work.
Yuujiro: Go back to my search.
Nanamaru: Pester Jugo-chan to play out side with me.
Jugo: Get pestered by 7 till I make him cry for not doing what he wants me to.
Elliot: I don't know...
Hibiki: Sing.
Narii: Snuggle up with master.
Yuuki: I have home work >_<


I tag who ever the fuck want to do it.... Go nuts.

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